Thursday, 23 June 2011

Three VERY Good Reasons

Back in January when I made the quick decision to become vegan again, I decided to make the change based on 3 good reasons:

Firstly, I wanted to be healthy. I grew up in a home where the idea of health was something that always loomed over my head. When I was 12 years old, my 67 year old grandfather died of a massive heart attack. He was cutting the grass and came into the house for a drink. He quite literally dropped to the floor and was gone. When I was 16, I had my cholesterol checked because my mother had been diagnosed with high cholesterol and was put on medication to keep it under control. My grandfather, my mother, and I all have the same body type: tall and slim, and we ate quite well - home cooked meals, no fried food, and lots of veggies. At 16, I was told that my cholesterol was that of a 40 year old's and it scared me. I tried to eat even better, but at 22, the test came back the same. The doctor wanted to put me on medication. I refused based on my age and my lousy post college diet. I tried to make changes again, but never for the long term. Knowing that a vegan diet is very healthful and can significantly reduce your chances of getting a "big three" disease was a huge factor in my returning to a plant based diet.

Secondly, I have always loved animals. It's hard to justify eating them when you love them. I've got two wonderful Miniature Pinscher dogs and a big black cat that I would never dream of hurting. To contribute to pain and suffering, and to ending a life that exists to solely satisfy my taste buds, goes against everything I stand for. When you know better, you do better.

Thirdly, I was really shocked to learn the extent of the burden that an animal based diet has on the environment. It is so destructive that adopting a plant based diet has more positive effect then anything else we can do. To drive around in my Prius while munching on chicken nuggets just doesn't cut it anymore.

I hope to blog a few times a week about something that inspires me as it relates to these three topics: health, compassion, and the environment.

I look forward to sharing some inspiring thoughts that can help us all see the world a bit differently.

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